Jolicream 2.0 Mini
Jolicream 2.0 Mini
Jolicream 2.0 Mini
Jolicream 2.0 Mini
Jolicream 2.0 Mini
Jolicream 2.0 Mini
Jolicream 2.0 Mini
Jolicream 2.0 Mini

Jolicream 2.0 Mini


Introducing Jolicream 2.0 Mini - The same new & enhanced herbal formula you love, now in a travel-friendly 5g size. Perfect for trial or on-the-go relief for dry, itchy, and sensitive skin.

Join the 70,000+ happy customers who have found comfort and healing with Jolicare.

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96% reduced
skin itchiness

93% improved
skin conditions

89% less flare-ups
& skin-attacks

Why Jolicare™?

Herb+ Technology

Advanced herbal formulation technology that allows you to enjoy the maximum benefits of natural herbs in our products.

Tested & Certified

31+ years of formulation experience.
Tested by the most prestigious labs in the nation.

65,080+ Happy Customers

9,800+ 5-star ratings in just 2+ year.
Loved by thousands of families.

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Why Choose Jolicream 2.0?

 Jolicream 2.0  

1. Relieves Itchiness
with Derma7 Herbal Complex

Immediate cooling effect from 7 Korea herbs & natural mint extracts helps to relieve your itchiness & soothe your sensitive skin conditions.

2. Hydrates & Nourishes
with Phytosqualene

Seal water deep into your skin, leaving it feeling hydrated & soft.

3. Soothes & Rejuvenate
with 3 Soothing Herbs

Support skin's recovery for a healthier, better-looking & more radiant skin.

  Jolicare™ Soap  

4. + Extra Protection
with Jolicare Soap

Mild and gentle on your skin, plus extra moisturization to prevent further itchiness. Protects your skin like a baby.

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Main Active Ingredients

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Itchiness gone and skin got clearer in just 3 days

Lab-tested & Certified

Order with just a few clicks.

Apply Jolicream 2.0 - 3 times per day.

Feel the difference in your skin in 7 days. 

With Jolicare+ Protection Plan, you get 100% money-back guarantee for 14 days.*

Get a full refund if you're not satisfied with your purchase. It's that easy.

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