Jolicare Soap
Eczema Soap - Jolicare
Eczema Soap - Jolicare
Eczema Soap - Jolicare
Jolicare Soap
Jolicare Soap
Jolicare Soap
Eczema Soap - Jolicare
Eczema Soap - Jolicare
Eczema Soap - Jolicare
Jolicare Soap
Jolicare Soap

Jolicare Soap


A natural herbal soap that works perfectly with our eczema creams. Gentle cleansing on sensitive skin prevents further itchiness. The combination of herbal formulation extracts moisturizes and smoothens skin in a natural way. Smells extremely good too.

Weight: 120g

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96% reduced
skin itchiness

93% improved
skin conditions

89% less flare-ups
& skin-attacks

Why Jolicare™?

Herb+ Technology

Advanced herbal formulation technology that allows you to enjoy the maximum benefits of natural herbs in our products.


15+ years of experience. Tested by the most prestigious lab in the nation.

10,230+ Happy Customers

5,200+ 5-star ratings in just 1+ year. Loved by thousands of families.

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Jolicare™ 4-in-1 Treatment Process

  Jolicare™ Cream  

3-in-1 Healing

1. Stops Itchiness

Immediate cooling effect from active ingredients stops your itchiness in 15 minutes.

2. Moisturizes Skin

Cream locks moisture in your skin to prevent dryness and itchiness attacks.

3. Heals Wounds

Speed up wound healing, so that your scratch areas recover its pretty look.

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  Jolicare™ Soap  

+ Extra Protection

4. Skin Protection

Mild and gentle on your skin, plus extra moisturization to prevent further itchiness. Protects your skin like a baby.

Jolicare™ Soap helps with

Itchy Skin



Bleeding / Scars


Ringworm / Fungus Infection


Tinea Versicolor Panau



Why You'll Love Jolicare™ Soap

Natural active ingredients


Baby & pregnant woman friendly

Handmade with love

No chemicals. No parabens.

No artificial fragrance & colouring

Specially made for itchy & sensitive skin

4-in-1 healing process

Customer Reviews

Jolicare™ Soap is Different

DetailsJolicare™ SoapRegular Shampoo
Natural active ingredients
Extra protection against further itchiness
Moisturizing, mild and gentle on sensitive skins
Formulated based on 15+ years experience
6 powerful natural active ingredients
Suitable for babies and pregnant ladies
Safer to use long term
Can apply on skin in private areas & face area
14-day money back guarantee
FREE Shipping available within Malaysia*

6 Natural Active Ingredients

Avocado Oil

Strong antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.

Mugwort Herbs

Aid in reducing itchiness

Wheat Germ Oil

Smooth over scars or cracking from dryness

Grape Seed Oil

Decreases clogged pores. 

Goat Milk

Makes the skin smooth and elastic.


Increase skin hydration and refresh the skin's surface.

Only the best for you & your family.

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Enjoy your shower with Jolicare™ Soap.

Feel the difference in your skin within 7 days. 

With Jolicare+ Protection Plan, you get 100% money-back guarantee for 14 days.*

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