How to Join Jolicare's Affiliate (Shopee)

01. Sign up as Shopee Affiliate

(Skip this if you're already a Shopee Affiliate)

02. Get your Affiliate Link

  • Method 1:
    1. Choose a Jolicare product at our official Shopee Account:
    - Malaysia: jolicare.os
    - Singapore:
    2. Get & copy affiliate link
  • Method 2:
    Go to your Shopee Affiliate Dashboard > Search "jolicare" > Get & copy affiliate link

03. Join the Affiliate Support Group

  • You will get materials like bonus sign-up form, recognition awards, product information, marketing materials, copywriting resources, training, Q&A sessions, and others.

    Join here.

04. Start Promoting & Earning!

  • Start promoting by sharing the Affiliate Link you've generated.

    You can share through content, posts, or by sharing directly with your friends, family, and social media followers.


If you need any help, you can WhatsApp our Affiliate Admin through this link!