Marketing Guide

1. Words of Mouth

Honestly, this is the easiest!

Take a paper out and write down a list of friends or family members of yours whom you think Jolicare products are useful for them!

Share your happiness and skin transformation after using Jolicare, and recommend them to try too with your affiliate link!

Don't forget to share your unique discount code so that they can enjoy additional discounts!

2. Social Media Posts & Stories

Share posts or stories on your Social Media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter, Snapchat, and etc..

Suggested Content:
1. Your eczema journey
2. Before and after using Jolicare
3. Why you recommend Jolicare
4. Attach with your affiliate link & code!

You can also go to our official Instagram @jolicareofficial and look for references under our Story Highlights: "BrandAmbassador"

3. Testimonial Videos

Testimonial videos are the best! Just record a short video of yourself sharing your own experience with Jolicare.

You can multi-purpose use the video you created and share on Youtube, Blog, FB, Instagram, and Email Marketing!

Don't know how to start? How about sharing your video testimonials?

To make it easier for you, you can join "
#ThankYouJolicare" Campaign, whereby you just need to share 1-min video testimony of how Jolicare has helped to improve your sensitive skin conditions.

Not only we have guidelines for you on what to share, we will help you to edit your video and give you a
token of appreciation (worth RM239+) after you join the campaign!

Join "#ThankYouJolicare" Campaign

4. Youtube / Tiktok

Do you have followings on Youtube or Tiktok? Awesome!

These channels are blowing up, and a couple of videos might be the only thing you need to receive huge checks of commissions!

5. Blogging

Love writing? Already a blogger? Cool!

Blogs are never outdated. Write some articles sharing your experience with Jolicare, or even share some tips on how to take better care of sensitive skins with Jolicare!

6. Other sources

Be creative! The sky is the limit when it comes to sharing Jolicare with others.

You can do it offline. You can do it online.

You can do it on social media. You can do it off social media.

Promote in your own way. Be creative.

We'll be here to support!

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